How and when did the Trust get started?

The Trust was formed in 1935, shortly after the death of Alfred I. duPont. It was formed in accordance with Mr. duPont’s will, which stated:

“… [The Nemours Foundation, funded by the Trust, shall be established] as a charitable institution for the care and treatment of crippled children, but not of incurables, or the care of old men or old women, and particularly old couples, first consideration, in each instance, being given to beneficiaries who are residents of Delaware, the one or more of which said charitable purposes, however, being left to the decision of my said Trustees …”

Can my organization or I apply for a grant from the Trust?

The Trust is not a general grant maker, so organizations and individuals may not apply for funding. The Nemours Foundation is the sole charitable beneficiary of the Trust.

What does the Trust support?

The Trust supports children’s healthcare in Delaware, Florida, and surrounding states, as well as needy elderly in Delaware through The Nemours Foundation. It also supports the preservation of the Nemours Estate in Wilmington, Delaware. The majority of its funding goes toward children’s health through The Nemours Foundation. The Nemours Foundation mission statement best describes the extent of the Trust’s areas of focus:

Mr. Alfred I. duPont instructed the Trustees to provide care and treatment for children. To this end, the mission of The Nemours Foundation is: To provide leadership, institutions, and services to restore and improve the health of children through care and programs not readily available, with one high standard of quality and distinction regardless of the recipient’s financial status.

Is the Trust related to the Alfred I. duPont Foundation?

The Alfred I. duPont Charitable Trust and the Alfred. I. duPont Foundation are different entities that are not related. Jessie Ball duPont founded the Alfred I. duPont Foundation in 1936 to honor her late husband. The Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Grants are made primarily to beneficiaries in the southeastern United States. The grants include aid to indigent children and assistance to elderly men and women who have experienced misfortune in their later years.

Why is the Trust located in Jacksonville, Florida, not in Wilmington, Delaware?

At the time of his death, Alfred I. duPont resided in Jacksonville, so the Trust was legally established in Florida. His wife and brother-in-law (Jessie Ball duPont and Edward Ball) remained in Jacksonville to manage the Trust until their deaths in 1970 and 1981, respectively. Also, many of the assets within his estate were in Florida.