Shawn and Tammy Rolquin are a remarkable couple who share a dedication to making a difference in the lives of children and families.

Tammy, a Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Registered Nurse, and Shawn, the Manager of the Critical Care Transport Team and Transfer Center, both work for Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. While they may have distinct roles within Nemours, the pair occasionally find their paths crossing. The surgical department where Tammy works overlooks the helicopter pad and ambulance bay, offering her an exciting viewing point. “When the timing is perfectly aligned for the both of us,” Tammy says, “I can watch Shawn take off or land in the helicopter. We get to exchange a quick wave and a smile. We are both usually quite busy, but this small occasional moment is very impactful and special for us.”

Shawn and Tammy met in college through a mutual friend. “His truck broke down on our first date and we ended up spending over three hours at a gas station waiting for a tow truck to come,” says Tammy. “We shared stories, laughs, and got to know each other without any distraction. We have truly been inseparable since!”

Shawn’s journey to Nemours began before Tammy’s. He was hired first as a Respiratory Therapist on the Critical Care Transport Team. “I will never forget the day Shawn got his job on the flight team at Nemours,” says Tammy. “I came home, and he had fallen asleep with his new fight suit still on and his flight helmet in his arms! He was exhausted from a long day, but had so much pride, he didn’t want to take off his new gear. From that moment on, I knew Nemours was a special place.” Inspired by Shawn’s passion for his work at Nemours, Tammy soon applied for a position as a Registered Nurse in PACU, where she continues to work happily alongside her husband.

One of the things that both Shawn and Tammy love about working at Nemours is the organization’s involvement in the community. “Seeing the ambulance and fellow coworkers taking time out of their busy schedules to brighten other families lives, especially during holiday season, is very special,” says Tammy. To her and Shawn, it’s not just about being healthcare providers, it’s about being active members of the community. “Watching children and families smile and share personal stories as they see our staff involved in community and philanthropy events leaves a special mark on your heart,” says Tammy.

Reflecting on their time at Nemours, Shawn and Tammy agree that watching each other succeed and grow professionally has been one of their favorite memories. They also enjoy sharing a lunch together, even on busy days. Shawn and Tammy’s dedication and passion for community make Nemours Children’s Health a special place, not only for its patients but also for its associates. Their story continues to inspire those around them at Nemours and beyond.

Shawn & Tammy are currently expecting their first child, a baby girl!

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