The duPont Trust is a global, multi-asset class portfolio of investments. We partner with investors at any stage of their lifecycle, with a preference for firms with:

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Small decision-making teams.

We partner with great firms that, through skill and craftsmanship, create value that would not otherwise exist.

Strong financial alignment.

We seek opportunities to create lasting partnerships with like-minded managers to drive return and add value to the underlying investments.

Sustainable competitive advantages.

We design portfolios that can achieve absolute real returns over a full market cycle – and ensure the current capital lasts perpetually while outpacing inflation.

Lasting business models capable of delivering repeatable results.

The cornerstone of our approach rests in a consistent investment philosophy and our ability to persistently apply it, even under the most challenging market conditions.

Our permanent capital and long-term time horizon support partnerships that can last decades.

Purpose-Driven Asset Management

We strive to be great partners to exceptional investors for mutual benefit, so that we can continue to improve outcomes for The Nemours Foundation and for children around the world.

We have a long history of investing in:

Public Equity


Private Equity


Real Assets


Marketable Alternatives


Fixed Income