Dr. Daphney Kernizan, DO is a dedicated Fetal & Pediatric Cardiologist, and Medical Director at Nemours Children’s Health, Panama City. For Dr. Kernizan, the path to becoming a pediatric cardiologist was a delight. “Medicine is my passion and providing care to patients and families doing what I love is a dream come true,” says Dr. Kernizan. She has always enjoyed working with children and believes that the impact she makes on children’s lives today will resonate in their future as adults.

Dr. Kernizan found her way to Nemours Children’s Health, Panama City through her Cardiology fellowship at Nemours in Delaware. This experience played a pivotal role in shaping her into the dedicated physician she is today. “I take pride in being part of a team that goes above and beyond for every single patient,” says Dr. Kernizan.

In Dr. Kernizan’s world, teamwork is everything. She emphasizes that communication and respect are the cornerstones of her department’s success. The collaborative spirit at Nemours ensures that the needs of patients and their families are always at the forefront. Together, they create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Dr. Kernizan’s love for Nemours extends beyond her passion for medicine. “Nemours is a great place to work, learn, and grow as an individual,” says Dr. Kernizan. “I feel supported by my team, colleagues, and mentors. With that support, I am able to provide the best care to my patients and families. Communication and respect are key, and my team understands that. We all work together to put our patients and families first and to create an environment where everyone is heard.”

When asked about her favorite memory at Nemours, Dr. Kernizan reflects on the countless heartwarming moments she has witnessed. While she cannot pick just one, she is touched every time a patient or parent expresses their happiness about receiving care at Nemours. These moments of gratitude are a testament to the extraordinary care and dedication that Dr. Kernizan brings to Nemours.

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