On December 24, 2022, our world was shattered when we received the heart-wrenching news that our beloved daughter had been diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma. The holiday season, meant to be joyous, was clouded with the weight of this devastating revelation. Unable to bring ourselves to share the news on Christmas Eve, it was only two days later, post-Christmas, that we found the courage to inform her about the upcoming scans, setting the stage for a challenging but triumphant journey.

The initial discussion with her oncologist became the turning point, revealing both the harsh reality of her condition and the hopeful news that it was treatable. Her strength emerged as a beacon of resilience when confronted with this news. She held back tears and faced the daunting question of how much time she might have left in this world. Jessica shares, “I was disappointed and sad by the news. I was worried about losing my hair because I rocked long hair. Also, I was anxious about how the treatment and its outcome would look like.” It was a moment of profound reflection, one that laid the foundation for her courageous battle ahead.

The ensuing four months were an arduous roller coaster of emotions marked by the harsh realities of chemotherapy. Enduring pain, sleepless nights, and a diminished appetite, she faced the physical and emotional toll with complete determination. Thankfully, Jessica had a positive experience at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware“My experience with Nemours, the doctors, nurses, and other clinicians was wonderful. I cannot ask for a better team than the ones at Nemours. They were friendly and caring people.” Some of Jessica’s medical team included her two Hematology/Oncology Pediatricians, Dr. Renee C. Gresh and Dr. Jonathan L. Powell, and Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Lauren Everingham. Her ability to weather this storm, confronting the darkest moments with grace and strength, left an indelible mark on all of us.

The turning point came when she completed her treatments, and the scans revealed no evidence of disease. “Although life was difficult in the past, I now look bright into my future and what the future may bring. As life is returning back to normal, I enjoy my life with school, friends and family, and with even better health.” Her victory over lymphoma was not just a personal triumph but a testament to the power of resilience, love, and the support of family and friends, especially doctors, nurses, and staff at Nemours Children’s Hospital. Her journey was a symphony of pain, hope, and, ultimately, triumph.

As we reflect on this challenging yet transformative year, we are filled with gratitude for the support of our family and friends who stood by us during the darkest moments. Our daughter’s victory over lymphoma is not just a celebration of her strength, but also a reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and resilience can illuminate the path to healing. Jessica advises other patients going through something similar: “Although life might seem difficult right now, do not try to focus on the negatives, and always remember that life will offer you positive days in your future, and that is what is waiting for you.” Today, we stand together, grateful for each precious moment and hopeful for a future filled with health, joy, and continued strength.

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