In celebration of National Women Physicians Day, Nemours Children’s Health highlights Dr. Stephanie Pearce, the Director of Sports Medicine in Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine at Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville.

Dr. Pearce’s decision to pursue a career in sports orthopedic surgery stemmed from her love for the musculoskeletal system, her enjoyment of working with her hands, and her passion for helping athletes achieve peak performance. For her, sports medicine combines these elements in a way that doesn’t feel like work – it’s a labor of love.

Joining Nemours Children’s was a serendipitous journey for Dr. Pearce. Her good friend, Dr. Anna Rambo, informed her of the Director of Sports Medicine opening at Nemours. The opportunity to lead and grow a sports program, contribute to sports research, collaborate with close friends, and return to her home state of Florida made it an offer too good to resist.

Working with her team at Nemours has been a rewarding experience for Dr. Pearce. “The collective dedication to providing the best experience for patients and their families is unmatched,” says Dr. Pearce. “Everyone works hard, truly going the extra mile, to care for our patients and help them achieve their goals.”

Dr. Pearce enjoys the collaborative mission at Nemours to meet, treat, and reach patients and athletes. This unified effort brings together specialists from all fields to ensure patients not only receive excellent medical care, but also regain their ability to play. As the Director of Sports Medicine, Dr. Pearce envisions growing the Nemours Sports Orthopedics program. Her goals include elevating care to new heights in medical treatments, surgery, research, education, and collaborative programs within Nemours and the community.

Her outstanding achievements, such as being recognized as a ‘Bold Leadership Playmaker,’ further highlight her dedication to excellence in sports medicine. This award recognizes individuals identified as the nation’s promising few future leaders in the field of sports medicine.

On National Women Physicians Day, Dr. Pearce reflects on the unique contributions of female physicians. She emphasizes their ability to connect with female patients on a personal level, providing a special kind of support and education throughout the treatment process. Dr. Pearce’s journey serves as a testament to the positive impact female physicians can have in pediatric care, influencing not only medical outcomes but also fostering a deeper understanding between physicians and their patients.

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